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VelaShape III

What is VelaShape III?

VelaShape III is an award winning, non invasive body contouring device that offers circumference reduction, skin tightening, body sculpting and contouring, cellulite smoothing and some fat reduction. It has FDA clearance for circumference reduction and the treatment of cellulite.

How does it work?

VelaShape III combines LED Infra Red, bi-polar Radio Frequency, mechanical massage and pulsed vacuum to stimulate fibroblasts to encourage the remodelling of collagen, tightening up the skin and reducing the circumference of the treated area. It also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and can reduce volume by some non selective fat cell necrosis. It does this by heating (comfortably) and massaging the treatment area, bringing it to the optimum temperature that has been proven to offer collagen remodelling and fat cell death. It does this by:

  • Heating adipocytes in subcutaneous fat, giving circumference reduction.
  • Heating connective tissues in the hypodermal layer causing cellulite reduction
  • Heating dermallayers, providing skin tightening.

By accelerating circulation and lymphatic flow, VelaShape III gives faster improved clearance of tissue debris and elevation of lipases activity.

Is it safe?

VelaShape III is the latest in the VelaShape family, and no other non invasive body shaping device has more clinical studies and white papers written to look at efficacy and safety than this across the globe. VelaShape is FDA cleared for cellulite reduction, circumference reduction(inch loss) and minor aches and pains. It is safe for all skin colours and types.

How does it differ to VelaShape II?

VelaShape III is more than twice as powerful as VelaShape II (and three times more powerful than the original VelaShape) so results are seen more rapidly. It has been completely redesigned to give a more comfortable treatment, and additional treatment heads have been added to allow even more areas to be treated, including the jaw line (previously untreatable with VelaShape II). VelaShape III can also offer a one treatment protocol called VelaOnce which the predecessors are not powerful enough to do.

What areas can you treat?

Common areas to be treated are:
Bra Roll bulges, arms, stomach, waist, upper back, lower back fat, hips, bottoms, thighs and knees. With the new VelaShape III you can also target the jaw line, neck and double chin areas.

How many treatments will I need to see a noticeable effect?

If you use VelaOnce, the single treatment protocol, then you may see an immediate loss of circumference in the treated area straight after the treatment, with a lasting, cumulative inch loss over the following 8-12 weeks until the final effect is seen. Clinical studies report an average loss of 2.6cm with just one treatment.

If you have the course of treatments, then you'll start seeing noticeable results by the second treatment A 3 treatment protocol is recommended for cellulite, skin tightening, circumference reduction and body shaping, although some people may require an additional fourth treatment to get their desired results. Your clinician will assess the areas to be treated and determine the optimum number of treatments necessary based on the areas of concern and severity of the problem. During a course, treatments are spaced 2 weeks apart.

What's the difference between VelaOnce and the course of VelaShape III?

VelaOnce is a single, longer treatment that offers fantastic circumference reduction on areas such as the midsection or thighs. It's perfect for people who are too busy to return to have additional treatments, or who want to just have one longer treatment before a special occasion like a wedding, party or holiday.

The course of treatments is ideal for people who prefer a shorter treatment time and/or who are having circumference reduction, skin tightening, smaller body parts treated and cellulite reduction. Treatments are spaced 2 weeks apart and offer a cumulative effect. You can mix and match so there's no reason why you cannot have VelaOnce on your tummy and VelaShape 3 treatment protocol on thighs.

Is it permanent?

No treatment, even surgical, is permanent thanks to the ageing process, lifestyle and gravity! VelaShape is long lasting and results will be maintained with just 1 top up treatment every 3 months. If you do not wish to have a top up treatment, then gradually the results will wear off over the year thanks to gravity, ageing and so on. Lifestyle and age of the patient is a great factor in how long results will be maintained.

Is there any downtime?

No. VelaShape has no downtime whatsoever. You can have the treatment and get on with your busy life immediately afterwards. The most you will see is some superficial redness that wears off in an hour or so, a radiating feeling of heat which again will dissipate, and occasional bruising. There is no pain, swelling, aching, nor any need for compression garments, supplements, special fitness regimes, strict diets or special creams/lotions.

Are there any contraindications?

If you are under treatment for any major illnesses or conditions, it is wise to consult your doctor prior to signing up. People with conditions such as cancer, liver or kidney disease, circulation disorders or some skin conditions are not suitable candidates for VelaShape. If you are pregnant or nursing it is advised against having VelaShape, and you would need to wait until your physician has given you the all clear for treatment to commence. Again, if you have had recent surgery, you will need to wait until the physician clears you as healed before treatment can commence. Metal implants in the treatment area or a pacemaker would also mean VelaShape is inadvisable. 

Are there any side effects?

You may have some superficial redness that fades within an hour or so. Occasional bruising or some crusting on the treatment area may also occur but this is rare and soon fades.

How does VelaShape III differ to Vaser or liposuction?

VelaShape III is not a replacement for surgical body contouring procedures, however it is an effective and proven alternative for those people who cannot have anaesthetic or have medical conditions that make surgery unsafe. It is also an excellent option for people who do not have enough fat for a surgical fat removal procedure.

VelaShape III offers no downtime, so no time off work is needed, nor any compression garments. VelaShape III also tightens up loose ageing skin, and is FDA cleared for the treatment of cellulite.

VelaShape III combined with Vaser or liposuction gives exceptional total body shaping and enhances the final result, smoothing out cellulite and tightening up the skin post surgery.

Vaser and liposuction offer more dramatic results and can reduce circumference of treated areas more significantly than. Vaser and liposuction also does not require any maintenance treatments once the area has healed and end results are seen.


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